Cartridge Renewal Systems has been serving clients worldwide since 1993. Our State-Of-The-Art remanufacturing process is second-to-none, and in many ways is better than the original. Our Quality Control experts carefully scrutinize every remanufactured cartridge to ensure it will create the desired image that you are looking for - each time, every time - while saving you money.
Our testing requires that we go into the copiers and printers and understand how our products affect quality. When something goes wrong, we analyze the problem completely to make sure it does not happen again. This is how CRS has consistenly improved over the years.
Outstanding Quality Control
Since we GUARANTEE our products with a no hassle return policy, we have to be sure that our replacement cartridges work. This is great news for our customers!
As a small business operating as efficiently as possible in order to keep your costs low, you can be sure that we want our products to leave our facility correctly! Keeping our defects at a very low percentage is a must!

Our quality control process ensures you will receive exactly what you ordered and it will perform exactly as you want it to, or we will make it right... Every time!
Expert Technicians
How are we so confident about our products? Great question, but we encourage you to read our testimonials, so you can see what our customers say for yourself! However, the reason behind the quality is our in house process and our expert technicians that are each trained personally by Owners within CRS who have been in the cartridge business for over 25 years! That's right, training comes straight from the top!
Superior Pricing!
Over the years, it hasn't always been easy keeping our rates low as we do not farm out work. We have just never seen anyone able to duplicate our efficient in-house quality control processes without adding another layer of costs. However, sacrificing quality is not an option. Since we have a strong base of loyal customers and strategic partnerships, we still have been able to deliver great rates and high quality products. Our growth is primarily referalls!

We never take a short term view on our business. This has served both our clients and CRS well. If you are finding cartridges less expensive than ours, we can assure you that quality (or lack of it ) is going to be the reason.